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What is EMM?

Enterprise mobility management (EMM) is an all-encompassing approach to securing and enabling employee use of smartphones and mobile devices.

Easily Manage Devices Fast enrolment, visibility of all devices and over-the-air management
Integration with enterprise systems to use existing IT investments for mobile devices
Content Management Mobilize content and files to stay productive at anytime and from anywhere.

Compliance and security to help you safeguard devices and data and Contain corporate data
Monitoring and reporting to track, diagnose and resolve device and user issues
Application Management distribute and secure business applications

Benefits of using IBM MaaS360

  • Easily manage your devices – See all your devices in one place and remotely manage right over-the-air (OTA)
  • Quickly deploy private and public apps – Promote, distribute and update approved apps using an interactive catalogue
  • Collaborate with content on-the-go – Mobilize content and files to stay productive anytime, anywhere
  • Keep apps and data secure – Help users get the information they need without risk of data leakage
  • Simply connect to business systems – Integrate with enterprise systems so you can use existing infrastructure and data repositories

How MaaS360 Works


Mobile Device Management Pricing


Mobile Device Management Packages

EMM Essentials Edition

Mobile Device Management

  • Manage smartphones, tablets & laptops featuring iOS, Android, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows 10 and macOS
  • Gain complete visibility of devices, security & network
  • Enforce compliance with real-time & automated actions

Mobile Application Management

  • Deploy custom enterprise app catalogs
  • Blacklist, whitelist & require apps
  • Administer app volume purchase programs

Container App

  1. A separated mobile workspace for iOS, Android, and Windows
  2. Send contained Messages to users from the MaaS360 portal
  3. Access Support, Expenses and Settings via in-container apps

Mobile Expense Management

  • Monitor mobile data usage with real-time alerts
  • Set policies to restrict or limit data & voice roaming
  • Review integrated reporting & analytics

EMM Deluxe Edition

includes all solutions from EMM Essentials Edition

Secure Mobile Mail

  • Contain emails, attachments & chat to prevent data leakage
  • Enforce authentication, copy/paste & forwarding restrictions
  • FIPS 140-2 compliant, AES-256 bit encryption for data at rest

Secure Mobile Chat

  • Enhance on-the-go collaboration and productivity
  • Contain all chat mobile conversations and data
  • Establish quick connections via corporate directory lookup

EMM Premier Edition

includes all solutions from EMM Deluxe Edition

Mobile Application Security

  • Contain enterprise apps with a simple app wrapper or SDK
  • Enforce authentication & copy/paste restrictions
  • Prevent access from compromised devices

Gateway for Apps

  • Add per app VPN to Mobile Application Security to integrate behind-the-firewall data in private apps
  • Incorporate enterprise data without a device VPN session

Mobile Identity Management

  • Dynamically assess risk associated with mobile app access using contextual information about the device
  • Adaptive authentication for graded trust to improve security posture while providing the least obtrusive user experience

Secure Mobile Browser

  • A feature-rich web browser for secure access to intranet sites
  • Define URL filters & security policies based on categories
  • Block known malicious websites

Gateway for Browser

  • Enable MaaS360 Secure Mobile Browser to access enterprise intranet sites, web apps & network resources
  • Access seamlessly & securely without needing a VPN session on mobile device

Mobile Content Management

  • Contain documents & files to prevent data leakage
  • Enforce authentication, copy/paste & view-only restrictions

Access distributed content/repositories:

  • SharePoint, Box, Google Drive & OneDrive
  • Gateway for Documents

Secure access to internal files:

  • e.g., SharePoint & Windows File Share
  • Retrieve enterprise documents without a VPN session

EMM Enterprise Edition

includes all solutions from EMM Premier Edition

Mobile Document Editor

  • Create, edit & save content in a secure, encrypted container
  • Collaborate on Word, Excel, PowerPoint & text files
  • Change fonts & insert images, tables, shapes, links & more

Mobile Document Sync

  • Synchronize user content across managed devices
  • Restrict copy/paste & opening in unmanaged apps
  • Store content securely, both in the cloud & on devices

Mobile Threat Management

  • Detect and analyze mobile malware on compromised devices
  • Automate remediation via near real-time compliance engine
  • Take action on jailbroken/rooted devices over-the-air

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